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Thought Leadership

Sally Painter writes that from the lingering stagnation from the global financial crisis, to upheaval in streets and parliament buildings from Greece to Spain, to the current emergency facing Ukraine, the European community is in need of strong leadership more now than ever before.

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Karen Tramontano writes that the interim government in Ukraine has moved swiftly to provide the people with the right to vote for their leaders.

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Sally Painter was featured in Macedonia's Kurir newspaper on how the country remains the best prepared for NATO admission and that it should happen at the summit in Britain.

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Sally Painter writes to truly help build young institutions, democracy allies in Europe and elsewhere must recognize the importance of laying the long-term foundations for success.

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Sally Painter writes that the October elections and a Supreme Court decision could determine the future course of Argentine democracy – for good or ill.

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Sally Painter writes that just as the Baltics have transformed their role within greater Europe, it is time for the US to transform and reenergize its engagement with its Baltic partners.

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Sally Painter writes in Politico that the "urge to paint Cyprus as a unique case is misplaced."

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Sally Painter writes that even in the midst of crisis, the United States and Europe are two of the most interconnected major economies in the world.

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Karen Tramontano discusses the economy, unemployment, and challenges to economic policy in the United States as well as in Europe.

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Jan Jones and David Satz, Caesars Entertainment

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