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Thought Leadership

Dan Erikson provides analysis on U.S. Vice President Mike Pence's recent trip to South and Central America.

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Sally Painter and the 2017 Baltic Forum are featured in the Latvian press.

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Jeff Gedmin writes that had it not been for Helmut Kohl at Germany’s helm, history might have turned out differently.

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Jeff Gedmin writes that the Atlantic community still faces a profound crisis of confidence and to survive it, Europe urgently needs strong and enlightened leadership from within.

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Karen Tramontano is interviewed by Swiss public affairs firm, furrerhugi, and its online newsletter, influence.

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Sally Painter and Jeremiah Baronberg write about the fundamental role that global institutions have played in fostering enduring peace, security, and prosperity across nations.

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Karen Tramontano writes that if President Trump truly wants to help American workers, he—together with Congress—should pursue a trade agenda that makes solving the problem of worker dislocation a priority.

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Jeff Gedmin writes about overlapping with Vladimir Putin in Dresden in the 1980s.

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Karen Tramontano writes that the U.S. needs a new approach to international trade that truly helps workers.

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Jeff Gedmin pens a memo to the new CEO of U.S. international media.

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Karen Tramontano argues that the current heated debate over international trade is the outcome of a flawed public policy and political framework.

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Experience, insight into the decision making processes 'inside the Washington Beltway,' and an ability to approach the most comprehensive government affairs and regulatory cases are unique qualifications of Blue Star Strategies. Close cooperation and advice in the very complicated case of NATO enlargement ratification and help on the successful strategy for the visa waiver process for my country are just two success stories, which make them efficient, sensitive, and a pleasure to work with.

Ambassador (r.) Rastislav Kácer, former State Secretary for Defense and former Ambassador to the United States of the Slovak Republic

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