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Thought Leadership

Jeremiah Baronberg is profiled in the Intermountain Jewish News.

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Karen Tramontano discusses post-U.S. election politics, hosted by the French-American Foundation—France.

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Karen Tramontano discusses the transition period to a Biden administration.

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As the United States celebrates Labor Day, Karen Tramontano highlights the need for a safety net for workers around the world.

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Karen Tramontano is interviewed by Argentina's Juan Iramain, formerly of Scotiabank and Citigroup—on the topic of lobbying and public policy advocacy.

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In the interview, Karen shares perspectives on:

  • What is the role of lobbying in government affairs strategies
  • Why policy advocacy is necessary for democracy
  • How regulated industries engage government to change public policies
  • Use of traditional media and social networks in public engagement strategies
  • How lobbying activity is regulated and how to improve its transparency
  • ...and special insight into the 2020 U.S. Presidential campaign

Karen Tramontano highlights the the plight of workers in the Global South with focus on the informal economy.

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Karen Tramontano highlights the plight of workers in the informal economy, arguing that COVID-19 has laid bare the stark reality of economic inequality around the globe.

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Dan Erikson provides expert testimony at Haiti on the Brink: Assessing U.S. Policy Toward a Country in Crisis—before the U.S. House of Representatives' Committee on Foreign Affairs' Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere, Civilian Security, and Trade.

Hearing Notice

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Dan Erikson speaks on the tumultuous events in Chile and prospects for Constitutional reform in the country.

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Dan Erikson explains that Guatemala's runoff presidential election could throw a central plank of U.S. President Trump’s migration strategy into doubt.

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Dan Erikson explains that the Taiwanese President's tour through the Caribbean reflects the country's imperative to reinforce relationships with allies vulnerable to poaching by China.

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Dan Erikson analyzes implications of Guyana’s political uncertainty amid efforts to craft new laws governing its oil and gas sectors.

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In our work, we often remind clients and partners that policy change at any level comes down to relationships. The team at Blue Star Strategies helped us to use limited resources more efficiently and build strong relationships that matter.

David Devlin-Foltz, Director of the Aspen Planning and Evaluation Program at the Aspen Institute

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