News / Election Update: Slovakia


Election Update: Slovakia

Region: Europe

Author: Erin McCoy

On April 6, 2024, Slovakia conducted the second round of its presidential elections.


On April 6, 2024, Slovakia conducted the second round of its presidential elections. Although the Slovak president’s role is largely ceremonial, it includes crucial responsibilities such as vetoing legislation and appointing judges to the constitutional court.


Peter Pellegrini, a former prime minister and candidate of the nationalist-left, won the presidency with 53.26% of the vote, defeating Ivan Korcok, a pro-European Union diplomat, who received 46.73% of the votes. Pellegrini has a substantial political background, having been elected to parliament in 2006 and serving in several significant governmental positions, including as prime minister. A staunch supporter of current Prime Minister Robert Fico and the Smer party, Pellegrini’s campaign was marked by his opposition to the EU’s policy of increasing arms support to Ukraine, a stance that starkly contrasted with Korcok’s pro-Ukraine position.


Looking ahead, Pellegrini’s tenure as president is expected to facilitate legislative and judicial proceedings for Prime Minister Fico, particularly regarding contentious issues such as judicial reforms and media freedom. His presidency may significantly shape Slovakia’s domestic and foreign policies, especially its relationships with the EU and Ukraine. The impact of Pellegrini’s presidency on Slovakia’s political dynamics and its effects on public dissent and EU scrutiny over governance will be key areas of focus.

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