Senior Associate

Pero Jolevski is a Senior Associate at Blue Star Strategies, LLC, where he leads the European operations of the firm. His work experience is in a variety of fields, including portfolio management, creating marketing strategies, international development, governmental relations, and anti-money laundering.

Prior to joining Blue Star Strategies, Pero worked on an international development project with Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc. and assisted with finance and marketing strategies at Merrill Lynch.

Pero is a member of the Leaders Club of Macedonia 2025. He received a degree in Finance at Florida Gulf Coast University. During his studies, he served as Director of Government Relations of Student Government, and managed a portfolio account of the University’s Foundation.

Born and raised in Macedonia, over the years Pero lived in Switzerland, Netherlands, and the United States. He is fluent in French, Macedonian, Serbian, Bulgarian, and Croatian and has basic knowledge of Spanish.