Research Associate

Ben Hoffschneider is a Research Associate at Blue Star Strategies, LLC, where he works on client issues in the United States, Europe, and Latin America and the Caribbean. Ben also manages Blue Star Strategies’ social media pages and the #BlueStarBrief, the firm’s monthly newsletter.

Before joining the firm as an Intern in September 2021, Ben worked as an Operations Assistant at the Father McKenna Center, a day shelter for homeless men, and as a Program Instructor at Calleva Outdoor Adventures. Ben spends his evenings and weekends as a club water polo coach at Capital Water Polo, where he coaches the 16- and 18-under teams. Ben also works as a professional communications coach, where he helps working professionals develop new communication skills for the virtual workspace.

Ben received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and his Certificate in Nonprofit Management from the University of the District of Columbia in Washington, D.C. While at UDC he completed research on D.C.’s maternal mortality crisis and the unfair burden held by Black mothers, which he presented at the National Conference of Black Political Scientists in Atlanta, Georgia in March of 2020.

Born in Birmingham, Alabama, Ben has lived in or near D.C. since he was two years old. He has a strong history of volunteerism and service, working with underserved and disadvantaged communities in the D.C. area from a young age, as well as working with recently deported migrants on the U.S./Mexico border and undocumented farm workers in Florida. A dual citizen of the US and UK, Ben speaks English fluently and is proficient in both French and Spanish. He plays piano and guitar, and is an avid outdoorsman, enjoying biking, backpacking, kayaking, rock climbing, and skiing.