London, UK

Andras Juhasz is the director of Mittel Consulting which he founded in 2017 to offer companies and organisations Central Europe and UK related policy advice, analysis, and political communications services. In 2018, Mittel expanded in the digital communications field. One of Mittel's clients is the European Commission: the consultancy delivers the EU's social media and public diplomacy campaigns in the UK with an effective narrative that targets policy-makers, the media, and the public. Other clients include international charities and foundations in London and beyond.

Before setting up Mittel Consulting, Mr. Juhasz spent 14 years in the Hungarian diplomatic service with postings in Washington, Brussels, and London. Previously, Mr. Juhasz worked for a Budapest-based law firm as a corporate lawyer and studied Risk Analysis (MSc) at Kings College London.

About Mittel Consulting

Mittel Consulting is a digital communications and public affairs consultancy based in London. We help organisations develop social media campaigns and an effective narrative that targets policy-makers, the media and the public. Our content provokes conversation with online communities, driving engagement with your organisation while supporting your goals and growing your audience.