An Association of elected officials in the United States sought a strategy to evaluate and improve its outreach to the Hispanic community. The end goal of this outreach was to create a deeper and more productive relationship with Hispanic voters.


The outreach strategy faced obstacles on a number of levels. First, given the broad nature of the Association’s political coalition, there was not unanimity regarding its goals. An integral part of the strategy was to persuade such stakeholders of its benefits. Second, Hispanics in the United States form a diverse community, with a variety of geographical backgrounds, ideological leanings, and economic interests. A comprehensive strategy needed to both take these differences into account as well as tie its recommendations into a coherent whole.

Strategic Recommendations

The Blue Star Strategies team developed a multi-layer strategy for improving the Association’s relationship with Hispanic voters. First, a platform was created to advocate for economic and social policies that resonate with Hispanic voters of diverse backgrounds. Next, a communications strategy was crafted to articulate these policies at both the national and local levels. Finally, Blue Star designed a national organization to mobilize political leaders around this cause and advocate for the Hispanic outreach strategy.

Program Highlights

Blue Star Strategies developed its recommendations through several avenues. A campaign of engagement with local elected officials and their staff, local businesses, and representatives of the Hispanic community was a key component. This engagement included consultation with state-level legislative staff across the US and meetings with Hispanic interest groups in states as diverse as Florida and Utah. In addition, Blue Star developed surveys to collect original data on the perception of the Association among Hispanics in the targeted states.

The team also completed an in-depth analytical report on the state of Hispanic outreach across the country. This effort incorporated up-to-date polling, original interviews, and extensive state-by-state policy research. The completed analysis was used to educate political officials, inform the Association’s communication outreach, and implement the proposed recommendations.


Through its engagement with the key political, business and civic stakeholders, Blue Star presented the Association with a targeted yet comprehensive strategy for improving its Hispanic outreach. The strategy succeeded in mobilizing a broad coalition of support within the Association, facilitating its effective implementation.