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Thought Leadership

Jeff Gedmin writes that it's good news that the Alliance is finally focused on the Russian threat to the West.

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Sally Painter writes on the danger that "NATO's leaders seem to have forgotten its strength, and an unfortunate timidity has set in" in the face of a "resurgent Russia."

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Sally Painter writes on the importance of the United States' and other countries’ leaders to "take a personal stake in Ukraine’s help Ukraine stay on track."

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Jeff Gedmin writes that Ukraine is no longer simply about Ukraine.

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Sally Painter warns that while the world focuses on Syria, we must not leave Ukraine vulnerable to Russian aggression.

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Jeff Gedmin writes about what may happen if we defeat ISIS—only to find that the EU and NATO have fallen apart.

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Sally Painter argues that NATO's failure to enlarge harms the organization and emboldens President Putin.

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Jesica Lindgren writes on whether the practice is an unfair constraint on French companies or a shield to protect against the risks of operating in a global economy.

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Jeff Gedmin writes while stabilizing Syria will require help from friends and allies, Moscow is neither.

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Jeff Gedmin writes that commercial outlets can't replace government-supported media.

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Jeff Gedmin writes that of the many things a new American president will need to do in 2017, one is to begin repairing America’s relations with our key allies. Start with the United Kingdom.

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Blue Star Strategies has an unbeatable track record in combining the very best of strategic planning with positive results. As far as I'm concerned, Karen Tramontano and her team walk on water.

Kathy Bonk, President of the Communications Consortium

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