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Jeff Gedmin writes that Putin has his agenda. It’s time we stop reacting to his—and get back to ours.

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Sally Painter writes that the United States should avoid isolationist temptations.

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Jeff Gedmin writes that the EU’s deepening turmoil and disarray means the next U.S. president will be dealing with a Europe whose problems and priorities are likely to be very different from ours.

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Jeff Gedmin writes that Vladimir Putin has been working tirelessly to bring Russia back to its nationalistic, narcissistic glory, and the tiny Baltic states feel especially vulnerable.

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Jeff Gedmin writes that China's cancerous system of kleptocracy must be confronted when Xi Jinping makes his first state visit to the United States.

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Seven years after his invasion of the former Soviet Republic, Russian President Vladimir Putin is busy in Georgia again.

Putin dissembles. He lies. Indeed, he may even sanction, if only in mode of “who will rid me of this troublesome priest,” the assassination of opponents at home and abroad.

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It's time we realize that Western weakness is provocative. It's also time for a reset in our approach to the continent. This means that we set an agenda that advances our interests and values—rather than merely reacting to an agenda set by Putin.

We behave as if the Russian President is unbeatable. He's not. Let's end the parlor game of puzzling what "he" is up to do next. Let's advance our own agenda. It's time we give Putin something to think about.

Sally Painter discussing the need for Macedonian ascension to NATO at the Berovo Gathering in Macedonia. Clip in Macedonian.

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In Macedonia and the Balkans, Russia Throws Down the Gauntlet

Does the U.S. have a plan?