Barbara Shailor

Senior Advisor

Barbara Shailor is internationally recognized for her lifelong work to secure economic, social, and political rights for workers in the United States and throughout the world.

Ms. Shailor served as the Special Representative for International Labor Affairs at the Department of State from 2010-2014. She lead the Department’s effort to promote workers’ rights, liaises with the global labor movement, and focus on strengthening the labor function at our embassies. She was responsible for issues involving international labor affairs and the impact of American foreign policy and programs on international labor rights and living standards.

Prior to her appointment, Ms Shailor was the Director of the International Department of the AFL-CIO and served as senior advisor to President Richard Trumka and John Sweeney on foreign and international policy issues.

She is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and served on the Board of Directors of the American Center for International Solidarity, the German Marshall Fund, the International Rescue Committee, the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute, the Global Reporting Initiative, as well as numerous labor and foreign policy advisory committees prior to coming to the State Department.

She continues to speak, advise and consult on international labor issues.

She is married to Robert Borosage. They have three grown children, Alex, Gregory and Frances and a grandchild, Jackson. She holds a Master of Science Degree from American University.