Our Team

Karen Tramontano

Chief Executive Officer

Karen A. Tramontano is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Blue Star Strategies, LLC. She provides corporate, institutional and public sector clients with results oriented strategies.

Sally A. Painter

Chief Operating Officer

Sally A. Painter is Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Blue Star Strategies, LLC. She provides corporate, institutional, and public sector clients with external affairs, foreign and security policy guidance, and global business development strategies. Ms. Painter also serves on the Board of Directors of the Atlantic Council and as a senior advisor to its Future Europe Initiative.

Senior Director

Jeremiah J. Baronberg is Senior Director for Marketing and Communications at Blue Star Strategies, LLC, where he heads the firm’s external relations, publications, and media portfolio. He is editor of the firm's monthly newsletter, the Blue Star Brief.

William C. Danvers

Senior Advisor

William Danvers is a senior advisor to Blue Star Strategies, LLC. He has worked on international public policy issues at the highest levels of government in Washington, DC and abroad for over 35 years. His work has included security and political issues with a particular focus on human rights, fighting corruption and other humanitarian topics.

Senior Advisor

Jeffrey Gedmin is a senior advisor to Blue Star Strategies, LLC. He also serves as a senior fellow at the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service and at the Atlantic Council.

Gabriella Ippolito


Gabriella Ippolito is an Associate at Blue Star Strategies, LLC, where she focuses on Latin American and European trade and investment, international and domestic political analysis, and economic development.

Pero Jolevski


Pero Jolevski is a Director at Blue Star Strategies, LLC, where he leads the European operations of the firm. His work experience is in a variety of fields including portfolio management, creating marketing strategies, international development, governmental relations, and anti-money laundering.

Jesica Dobbins Lindgren

General Counsel

Jesica Dobbins Lindgren (formerly Seacor) is the General Counsel at Blue Star Strategies, LLC, and works on a variety of client issues.

Barbara Shailor

Senior Advisor

Barbara Shailor is internationally recognized for her lifelong work to secure economic, social, and political rights for workers in the United States and throughout the world.