In 2001 as a result of her work with the U.S. Committee on NATO, Sally Painter began advising the governments of Latvia, Estonia, Romania and Bulgaria regarding their desire to join the NATO Alliance.

All four countries successfully entered NATO in the spring of 2002 after receiving an affirmative vote in the U.S. Senate. In late 2002 after having led President Clinton’s transition to New York and having established his post-presidency office and philanthropic work, Karen Tramontano returned to Washington, DC, joining Sally’s practice. Together they expanded their work not only representing foreign governments on key foreign and economic policy issues but also working with global corporate clients developing market entry strategies throughout new markets in Europe, including the Balkans and Eurasia. Early in 2004 Sally and Karen joined Dutko Worldwide and founded Dutko Global Advisors within the well-established government affairs firm. In 2005 Gabriel Sanchez Zinny joined Dutko Global Advisors, creating a vibrant government and public affairs practice in Latin America. In 2010 Sally, Karen and Gabriel launched a new government and public affairs firm, Blue Star Strategies, LLC. The firm—as our website shows—continues to provide government and public affairs services to our clients throughout Europe, Latin America and elsewhere.

Our name

According to Hopi tradition, when the Blue Star appears it will provide answers to global challenges confronting us today. Our name signifies our commitment to pursue truth and excellence until the star appears. At Blue Star Strategies, LLC we work with companies, leaders and partners who understand these challenges and drive the solutions that will bring about a better and more integrated world community.